Mobile Home Guidelines

Winter Mobile Home Guidelines

Sub Zero Conditions Will Continue Through 1/7/18!

Maine winters are notoriously rough on mobile homes, however, there are many things you can do to protect yourself and the mobile home from the elements.  Below is a list of expectations that Brown House Properties will require you to follow during the sub zero weather that winter often times provides. 

  • Check the weather forecast to anticipate cold weather stretches
  • Plan ahead by always having a few gallons of drinking water in your cupboard
  • Inspect the mobile home skirting and make sure it is installed properly to keep wind from blowing under the mobile home. 
  • If there is a lot of snow, shovel it around the bottom of the skirting.  Snow is an excellent insulator and will protect the belly of your mobile home. 
  • During these times:
    • Always have at least 20 gallons of oil per day of the cold stretch (ex: If weather forecast anticipates a 3 day sub zero stretch, you must have 60 gallons in your tank.  Running out of oil which results in frozen pipes is considered negligence on the tenants part and any repairs/damage will be billed to the tenant. 
      • Please remember if you are putting oil in a trailer that is already empty the first five gallons fill the oil line from the tank to the furnace.  It is recommended that there always be a quarter tank of oil at your disposal. 
    • Turn your thermostat up to at least 72 degrees
    • Run a stream the width of a pencil in your kitchen and bathroom faucets.
    • Open your kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanity cupboards so heat can penetrate the plumbing.
    • Leave your bathroom door open when it is not in use to ensure proper circulation of warm air.

Please remember, it is never acceptable to heat your mobile home with electric heaters.  A mobile home’s heating system is specifically designed to run under the mobile home to keep the plumbing warm; using electric heaters to heat a mobile home will make freeze ups inevitable. The prolonged use of electric heaters can become a fire hazard caused by overheating the heater, exposing high temperatures to adjacent items and put stress on the trailers electrical system.  Any repairs and damage caused to the trailer due to not heating properly or using # 2 fuel that can gel and plug fuel lines and not following the guidelines above will be billed to the tenant.  It is very important to monitor your oil consumption and ensure that the furnace always has adequate oil.  If a furnace “runs dry” it can damage the furnace and lead to maintenance issues like clogged nozzles and filters.  If a Brown House Properties employee or agent needs to bleed your furnace or conduct maintenance that is a result of being “run dry” the tenant will be billed accordingly.  To bleed and start a furnace starts at $50.00 but may be increased if it is after 4:00PM or on a weekend, or if other labor and parts are used in order to successfully start the furnace.   You will also be subject to maintenance charges if you do not follow any of the above guidelines and the mobile home subsequently freezes.