Power Outage Resources

CMP recently announced that Monday's storm resulted in their largest power outage in the companies history - Over 60% of their customer base was without power.  Restoration efforts began Monday, however, were limited to de-energizing lines and public safety.  CMP is currently stating it could be several days to a week before some customers have power restored.  

In the meantime, Brown House Properties has put together a list of helpful information and tips to aid in the inconvenience of living without power, and keeping everyone safe.  

CMP Resources
* The link below is an Outage Map from the CMP website.  By selecting the County in which you reside, your City/Town, you can then search by street name.  The column to the far right will show their progress and/or an estimate for power restoration.  

* General news about the storm and restoration efforts will be released directly to CMP's website here: 

Helpful Tips
* Keep the refrigerator shut, opening them only when necessary.  

* Turn off or unplug major appliances to avoid overloading the circuit when power is restored.  

* Do not use any non-traditional heating sources for supplemental heating.  Please follow manufacturing instructions and only use these items for their intended purposes only.  

* Do not use grills inside as they give off hazardous gasses.  

* If you are unable to cook please visit local food kitchens:
Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen
Notre Dame Soup Kitchen
Oakland Soup and Sandwich Program